The difficult second album of car advertising

At the outset it seems like a simple brief – ‘we have a car coming to market, make it seem cool, fun and an instant classic.’ There is no doubt that the Citroen DS was a technological marvel which epitomises the flavour of cool that came out of Paris in the 50s and 60s. The DS3 is a thoroughly modern car which Citroen hopes will capture some of the chic while being a little more technologique.

Rather like the second album from many bands or the airport runway ad for Cadburys, in comparison to the Transforming C4 ad – somehow this one just doesn’t quite get there.

Don’t get me wrong – I like this ad, the soundtrack is good, the imagery is lovely, but if I wanted to know more about the car then I will have to go elsewhere and hunt for it. From watching it I can tell that it comes in a range of colours, has four wheels and probably comes with climate control. I don’t know how big it is, when it’s available, how much it will cost but I’m interested enough to go elsewhere to find out and maybe that is the point.

The car doesn’t look as cool as this original DS but it does have some of the same striking lines.

technologically cool

technologically cool

Recent Citroen campaigns involving transforming C4s that went on to dance or skate were pacy, well timed and had a lot of interest in the media, they generated pages of free PR and countless free views. They also delivered the message that the car was technologically advanced.

This ad for the new DS3 will generate a bit of interest but rather like The Second Coming album from The Stone Roses, some people will feel a little dissatisfied with it.

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