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Adidas adds some Coull interactivity

adidas coull

The Adidas House Party campaign has been around for a few months now but I think that it still demonstrates an excellent use of the interactivity that is available in online video. Through the use of hotspots within the footage and clear calls to action they have transformed a good TV ad into a great online video ad.

Aside from the catchy music, high celebrity count and engaging video, the online version has been doctored using some technology from Coull. They allow the video to become more interactive and thus more engaging for the user. It would be interesting to see what results the video achieved, after all this is not about directly selling sneakers for a price point – this is about brand engagement as measured by video views and interactions.

Interactivity built into video provides a much stronger user experience than a plain old video, turning something that is good on TV to something that is great online.

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