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Dear, have you heard of frequency capping?

Online catch up services have gained in popularity for TV stations ever since the launch of the BBC iplayer. Now we have the ITV Player, the Sky Player, Channel 4 OnDemand and Demand Five. The BBC is currently only available inside the UK and therefore doesn’t carry any advertising. The others include pre-roll advertising with companion banners, the quality of their implementations varies however.

Channel 5 show a few ads before the content with regular (and rather well signposted) break throughout  the show. The ads are varied and clickable to go through and find out more about the advertised products. Channel 4 loses the signposting but allows click-throughs and varies the ads, and both of these come with some form of companion banner ad.

Now – to get to the point of the post – if you are a fan of Le Tour de France then you will probably have been watching the nightly round up of the day’s activities. I had missed a few and decided to dedicate some time to catching up with a few on, almost the perfect use case for catch up TV.¬† After starting the first episode and seeing an ad for G-Force (FBI employs wise cracking guinea pigs to prevent terror plot) the program played. At the next ad break the same ad played, at the next ad break the same ad played…… infinitum.

Reach and frequency are important to advertisers, the right balance of both yields the best results. If however the frequency is too great (I saw the G-force ad 15 times in a day) and the reach is too narrow, after all how many cycling fans have been watching it on the ITV website, then the experience is pretty poor which leads to poor results. I am not the target audience for the film, but had I been then I probably would have been turned off by the ads, a negative result for Disney. It wasn’t even clickable!

Most ad-servers worth their salt enable frequency capping, either ITV need to learn how to use it or they should seriously think about limiting the ad spots in their TV shows when played online.

gforce screen

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