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Fedex uses 1-2-3 minutes instead of 30 seconds

fedex guyThe North American advertising community is fascinated by what happens at half time in the SuperBowl. A 30 second spot can cost millions of dollars and act either as a springboard for a campaign or as a sumo competition for the biggest brands. When FedEx decided not to advertise in the last Superbowl it cited the fact that it would be inappropriate during the economic troubles. Instead it would focus on online video advertising.

The result has been online for just over a week now, the branded YouTube channel has four 3 minute videos which are spoof infomercials. It is a brave move, the humour may not be up to the quality of the Daily Show but it is funny-ish. Some of the comments left on the page are not very complimentary but then FedEx is getting involved with people directly and doesn’t seem to be moderating those views that are negative. One niggle that I have with the brand channel is that there doesn’t seem to be a way to get from there to the FedEx site itself which, if the ad is working, is what I should be wanting to do.

The important thing about this campaign isn’t the method of delivery or the quality of the creative, the major shift that is happening from TV to online video is the story here. Hopefully it will meet FedEx’s success criteria, hopefully they and the other brands that are watching their actions will stick with it and work with their agencies to make their online video advertising 1-2-3-Succeed!

More information and interviews can be found on The New York Times.

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